The Local Healthcare Insurance System in Taiwan

The health insurance system in Taiwan is administered by the Bureau of National Health Insurance. Created in 1995, this social insurance scheme aims to provide coverage to the entire Taiwanese population, including for hospitalization, outpatient care, dental care, pregnancy and traditional Chinese medicine. 

Foreign residents also benefit from this social coverage which becomes mandatory from the day you hold an Alien Residency Card. You will be provided with a card in which all your medical information will be recorded. 

The quality of care provided in the main cities is quite similar to European standards. Medical facilities and equipment in general are of good quality. However, outside large cities as well as in rural areas, the quality of care is very poor. Health centers are overcrowded and are not appropriately equipped. 

There is also a private sector in Taiwan which includes private clinics and hospitals. The quality of care is good and medical teams have often been trained in the USA and speak English, which is quite rare in the public sector. 

Seeing a doctor in Taiwan

Most doctors, GPs and specialists see patients in their office at the hospital. Therefore you just need to make an appointment with the doctor of your choice. If it is difficult to communicate with your doctor, do not hesitate to request assistance from an interpreter. Office visits must be paid at the end of the consultation.   

Keep all of your invoices in order to obtain the reimbursement of your medical expenses from your international health insurance plan. 

Being admitted to the hospital in Taiwan

Hospitals in Taiwan

Private hospitals and clinics provide good quality care and medical equipment is modern. Outside Taipei, there are very few private facilities and the quality of care is poor. 

Emergency services

It is not recommended to use public ambulance services. But private emergency services and ambulances are of good quality. Please note that you will have to pay upon your admission. 

In order to be referred to the most appropriate medical facility for your medical needs, it is advised to use your health insurance plan’s medical network.

Buying medication in Taiwan

You will find international and local brand names in pharmacies in Taiwan. 

In case of emergency

It is advised to use a private ambulance.