Pension services for expatriates

Your challenges

An international career may have an impact on mobile employees’ pension entitlements at the end of their working life. If these impacts are not fully considered, the company may be held liable by employees for ‘loss of opportunity’. This is why you wish to anticipate this risk and provide your employees with the necessary clear visibility with regard to their future pensions. 

What we offer

Design of international pension plansAudits, benchmark studies, calls for tenders for international pension plan providers, communication and information for employees
Training on expatriate employees’ pensionsServices of accredited training bodies, sessions given in the company or for several companies
Individual pensions assessmentsCalculation of pension contributions made over the career, simulation of future pension entitlements, objective assessments of pension rights, comprehensive information guides for employees, etc.

Additional services

  • A team of experts
  • A solid experience of more than 10 years in the field of international pension plans
  • €76 million of ongoing liabilities, more than 1,600 members in the Mobipension plan, plans designed for all business sectors (luxury, distribution, industry, etc.)
  • A unique solution for all types of mobility
  • Continued enrollment in a pension fund in the event of frequent mobility
  • Modular contributions: table of contributions according to the type of situation to be managed
  • A diversified financial offer
  • Flexibility for the workforce covered
  • Option of using the plan from a pensions perspective or as a long-term incentive