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Novedades - Publiée le 29 de noviembre de 2023
The Previnter Association is pleased to announce the deployment of a new device designed to improve the well-being and mental health of its members!
Since October 1, the Previnter Association has been offering all its members access to the Caring by Eutelmed platform.

This multilingual platform, unique in the richness and quality of its content, will enable employees of Previnter member companies to :
  • Find out about topics relating to their well-being and mental health, whether in connection with their professional or personal lives, or their work-life balance.
  • Learn about the challenges of quality of life in the workplace, via fun, didactic e-learning modules
  • Self-assessment using scientifically validated scales to measure stress, anxiety, sleep quality, etc.
  • Seek support if necessary, via a 24/7 helpline available in 6 languages and cultures: French, English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and Mandarin-Chinese.

The Previnter Association offers employees of member companies full, free and unlimited access to all these services, which reinforce the partnership already existing since 2012 with Eutelmed.

Because mental health is an integral part of everyone's health, in the same way as physical health, the Previnter Association is convinced that this partnership will make a real difference to the health and quality of life of its members.
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