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Previnter's 50th anniversary - Tuesday, May 21, 2024
News - Publiée le 5 giugno 2024
Previnter's 50th anniversary - Tuesday, May 21, 2024
MSH wins the “Argus d'Or de l'Assurance” 2024 award for its “All Staff” Health Check-Up
News - Publiée le 30 aprile 2024
MSH, a subsidiary of the DIOT-SIACI Group and a world leader in international medical and personal risk insurance launched the “MSH All Staff” Health Check-Up in 2023, a service that can be offered to...
Discover Eutelmed's new wellness and mental health system
News - Publiée le 29 novembre 2023
The Previnter Association is pleased to announce the deployment of a new device designed to improve the well-being and mental health of its members!
Your remote medical consultations
News - Publiée le 26 novembre 2023
To support you as effectively as possible during your time abroad, MSH International, on behalf of Previnter, provides you with an easy access to remote medical consultations services available directly...
David Nguyen joins MSH as new Director of Healthcare Management
News - Publiée le 21 novembre 2023
David Nguyen joins MSH, the world's leading provider of Health and Life & Disability insurance solutions to expatriates and international organizations, as new Director of Healthcare Management.
Previnter Annual Ordinary General Meeting 2023
Life of the association - Publiée le 25 ottobre 2023
Annual Ordinary General Meeting of PREVINTER 2023.