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Discover our Maternity pack
News - Publiée le 15 novembre 2016
Previnter is committed to mothers-to-be and always has their well-being at heart. This is because pregnancy is a time of happy discoveries but also a time for all kinds of questions
Thierry Hontabat takes over from Cécile Rambaud
News - Publiée le 1 settembre 2016
The Association’s Board of Directors continues to have every confidence in the Crédit Agricole S.A. group and its representative, Thierry Hontabat, International Mobility Manager at the Crédit Agricole...
New features for the MSH INTERNATIONAL mobile app!
News - Publiée le 1 settembre 2016
Your insured employees now have access to new features included in the MSH mobile application, available 24/7
Discover our new MSH INTERNATIONAL mobile app!
News - Publiée le 1 marzo 2016
MSH INTERNATIONAL provides its client companies and their insured employees with a wide range of tools in order to help them with the day-to-day management of their healthcare, including a mobile application