Assistance and repatriation

Your challenges

Regardless of their country of residence, the security and personal safety of your internationally mobile employees and their families is a major everyday challenge for you as an employer. It is the company’s duty to protect its regular travellers and expatriate employees, to ensure their well-being at work and make their time abroad a success.

What we offer

  • Key coverage is offered through an assistance / repatriation plan such as repatriation for health reasons, transportation to the hospital, coverage of flight tickets for close family members in the event of death, etc.
  • Complementary benefits can be added to tailor coverage to your needs: luggage insurance, flight delays, legal assistance, etc.
  • Specific turnkey services are available for “high-risk” countries in order to ensure that coverage is always suited to new complex geopolitical situations: assistance and crisis management, security audits,  employee tracking, etc.

Additional services

  • Efficient coordination between the company, the assistance company and MSH International (PREVINTER’s administrator) in order to ensure effective action
  • Contact between the assistance company’s consulting physicians and those of MSH International (PREVINTER’s administrator) to ensure continuity
  • A network of effective and acknowledged partners, according to your requirements:
    • International SOS
    • AXA Assistance
    • Europ Assistance