Our health insurance for your expatriate employees

Your challenges

To attract and retain your internationally mobile employees, the spearheads of your development, you must offer them a flawless range of international healthcare insurance benefits, in terms of coverage, services and cost-effectiveness.
You must also ensure compliance with various local healthcare systems (USA, UAE, etc.). 

What we offer

Previnter’s healthcare coverage, as of the 1st €/USD/GBP/CHF or coverage in addition to a local healthcare scheme, offers you a wide range of flexible benefits which can be customized to your requirements, and which come with innovative services:
  • Hospital treatment, physical therapy expenses, outpatient surgery, etc.
  • Maternity and medically assisted procreation, etc.
Routine medical expenses
  • Consultations with doctors or paramedical practitioners, prescription drugs, laboratory fees and medical imaging, X-rays, etc.
  • Alternative medicine, etc.
Preventive medicine
  • Coverage for vaccinations, anti-malaria drugs, preventive drugs and health checks, etc.
Vision care
  • Lenses, frames, contact lenses and laser eye surgery
Dental care
  • Dental treatment, bone grafting, periodontics, dental prostheses and implants, orthodontics, etc.

Additional services

  • Extranet and mobile app to manage your plan on-line
  • Reimbursements in 150 currencies and on the basis of scanned invoices
  • Direct precertification for all expensive treatment
  • Extensive global network of healthcare professionals:
    • 105,000 providers around the world (outside the United States)
    • + 1,000,000 providers in the US alone
  • Healthcare cost containment based on:
    • an internal reference base of reasonable and customary costs
    • systematic direct renegotiation of tariffs
    • the use of repricing and direct billing networks
    • medical assistance procedures: maternity, emergency treatment, etc.
  • Efficient synergies with assistance companies
  • Coordination agreement with the CFE for coverage in addition to the CFE scheme
  • Medical second opinions with more than 21 physicians in our offices
  • Widespread direct payments worldwide
  • Multicultural team available 24/7: Toronto, Paris, Tunis, Dubai, Shanghai