Discover our Maternity pack

Previnter is committed to mothers-to-be and always has their well-being at heart.
This is because pregnancy is a time of happy discoveries but also a time for all kinds of questions.
That is why we decided to offer the best possible support to mothers-to-be throughout their pregnancy with the creation of a practical guide produced by our medical teams. This guide provides practical information, recommendations for medical care from the start of pregnancy through to baby’s first weeks, together with a wide range of advice on prevention.
Previnter’s support to mothers-to-be also means:
- An initial phone call when our teams receive the declaration of pregnancy to provide the expectant mother with information on their benefits, reimbursement of their healthcare costs, precertification and the level of maternity care which applies in their country of expatriation.
- A referral to a maternity unit belonging to the PREVINTER network to take advantage of additional services depending on their country of expatriation (private rooms and/or support at home from midwives after the birth, etc.).
- Transfer to a maternity specialist in the event of complications to make a difficult birth as safe as possible.
- A call following the birth to check on the health of the newborn and the mother. They will also be informed at this time of the examinations their child should undergo during their early years.
At Previnter, we do everything we can to support mothers-to-be to help ensure they remain relaxed and stress-free as they look forward to the arrival of their child.