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Wellsource : A new tool at your service
News - Published on May 17, 2019
Visit your Previnter Members’ Area to find out about a new health risk assessment and optimization tool, in partnership with Wellsource!
The MSH mobile application is now available in 7 languages!
News - Published on June 5, 2018
For several years now, MSH International has been providing their insured members with a mobile app to help them manage their healthcare day by day: it’s easy to use, intuitive and convenient!
New prevention program
News - Published on November 14, 2017
As part of its new prevention program, MSH International is developing, personalized information tools and recommendations in respect of routine health-related topics.
New functionality of the MSH mobile app
News - Published on March 27, 2017
A highly-anticipated new feature on your MSH Healthcare Mobile App: the option to take pictures of your medical bills and send them to us via your smartphone!
New multilingual secure pages!
News - Published on January 30, 2017
The secure pages are now available in Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and German in addition to the existing English & French versions.
Discover our Maternity pack
News - Published on November 15, 2016
Previnter is committed to mothers-to-be and always has their well-being at heart. This is because pregnancy is a time of happy discoveries but also a time for all kinds of questions