MSH_Teladoc Webinar: back to work after COVID-19

End of COVID-19 crisis in sight: how to successfully organize the return to work?

While the COVID-19 epidemic curve has now reached its “plateau phase” in most countries, governments are considering the best lockdown exit strategies. In this context, our experts have shared their experience on best practices for successfully organizing the return to work, based on real cases experienced in Asia.


The following topics have been covered by our experts:
  • The latest developments in the COVID-19 situation;
  • Recommendations on best ways to successfully organize the return to work;
  • Global overview of best practices already implemented worldwide, particularly in Asia;
  • Q & A session: access the FAQ: access the FAQ released after the Webinar.
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About our speakers

Based in Paris, Dr. Peytavin is Chief Medical Officer of MSH International. She coordinates the activity of MSH medical teams (doctors and nurses), across its 5 regional head-offices, located in Toronto, Paris, Tunis, Dubai and Shanghai.
Dr Timothy Foggin

Based in Shanghai, Dr. Foggin has extensive experience of helping people and companies through mass disease situations: during SARS in 2003, during the H5N1 avian flu outbreak in 2005 and during H1N1 swine flu outbreak in 2009.
Dr Suarez Valencia

As one of the four medical directors in France, Dr. Suarez Valencia led the implementation of different protocols to deal with the current pandemia during a teleconsultation. He has also worked on the consolidation of the algorithms and the data related to the disease, which will be used on the research led by the Pasteur Institute and the French Society of Dermatology.
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