Your remote medical consultations

To support you as effectively as possible during your time abroad, MSH International, on behalf of Previnter, provides you with an easy access to remote medical consultations services available directly from your Members’ Area under the “Your Healthcare” section.
Whether it is for advice, one-off or longer-term support, you will find professionals to talk to in total confidentiality wherever you are. 
At any time, benefit from consultations with experienced practitioners who belong to an independent international network, and who are specialized in many medical fields: general medicine, dermatology, cardiology, psychology, psychiatry or speech therapy.

Video consultations with general practitioners

Video consultations with psy and speech therapists

These consultations will be reimbursed according to the benefits in your health insurance plan. To know your level of coverage, please check your summary of benefits under the “Your enrollment / Your benefits” section. 
Our medical team is available to answer any questions you may have about these services.You can contact them by email at , all information received will be processed in the strictest confidentiality.
*MédecinDirect is a subsidiary of the Teladoc Group, American leader in telemedicine.